Professional Vending Machine Operator for Asia
Health Addiction Vending Machine

Professional Vending Machine Operator

Servicing the Best Clients in Hong Kong & Singapore

We operate our vending machines in offices, schools, malls, hospitals,
transport hubs and residential buildings… We do them all!

“We Strive to Bring the Convenience of The Best Products To You”

Vending Machines are Awesome

Keep your people happy. Boost productivity and morale. Get positive feedback.

Convenience of the best products

One machine with both snacks and beverages, as well as daily necessities!

Always open. 24 / 7.

The vending machine is always open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Perfect for offices with employees working over-time.

A popular perk – For free.

No cost to the client except for space & electricity. Subsidized machines for extra caring companies!

<p>A popular perk – <strong>For free.</strong></p>

Hassle-free Solution.

We offer full-service operations to make sure everything is covered. Help is always just one call away!

<p>Hassle-free Solution.</p>
health addiction

Our original brand of the tastiest healthy snacks and beverages!

and More >
wa addiction

Our new brand offering trendy lifestyle products,
including local favorites and global sensations.

and More >

WELL Certificate Package

We strictly follow the WELL criteria to assist client in achieving WELL standard

and More >

Customize Your Product Mix.
All the time.

We work with you to customize the product mix for your location. We offer the largest selection of products at competitive prices.

We constantly monitor the sales performance of each machine to replace slow moving products with new or popular products to ensure our customers are happy!

We carry some exclusive popular products that we import globally just for you.



Get Started Today.

Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager for enquiries. We provide a monthly report with all sales details.


Professional and Responsive Service

The team is experienced and committed to delivering the best service possible.

Regular Frequent Refills
Regular Frequent Refills

Regular refill schedule based on demand. The quicker the products go, the more frequent we visit!

Prompt Maintenance
Prompt Maintenance
Our team will respond to requests within 24 hours. If we can’t fix it, we replace it!
Account Manager
Account Manager
We assign you with a dedicated account manager for all enquiries. We provide a monthly report with all sales details.
Easy Installation
Easy Installation

Simply provide us the space and electricity and we can provide you with a machine in short notice!

Safety and Security
Safety and Security

Our professional staff are well trained and work closely with your on-site security staff.

Responsive Hotline
Responsive Hotline
Our service hotline (8101-4111) is ready to receive all your service calls.
We Offer Much More
Customized Solutions for Every Situation.
  1. Machine Rental
    Machine Rental

    Want to sell your own products or run your own operations? Rent a machine.

  2. Online Bulk Ordering
    Online Bulk Ordering
    All our products are more delivered right to your office, for pantries, events and meetings.
  3. Honor Pantry
    Honor Pantry
    Products placed in existing pantry with cashbox. Employees pay by honor system.
  4. No space? No problem.
    No space? No problem.
    Contact us for customized solutions.

Dedicated Team Ready to Bring you the Convenience of the Best Products in Town!

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Service Hotline: (852) 3499-1923 / 5196-3111

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